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Emotions - are the main problem for any financial trader. Nowadays, we live in a digital era, which means that our ways of solving such problems should also be digital. Instead of relying on unstable will-power, let our AI bots and machine learning technologies do the earnings.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Creation of deposit

The term of the deposit is determined by the tariff. There are 4 tariffs for you to choose from:

• Income at 0.1% per day for 250 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 15.
• Income at 0.2% per day for 250 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 250.
• Income 0.3% per day for 250 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 1000.
• Income 0.4% per day for 250 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 4500.

During the operation of the deposit, the funds are «frozen» - operations with them are not available. After the expiration of the term, you can transfer all the accumulated funds back to the Visionwallet account or withdraw from the service in any convenient way.

AI technologies

While the balance is frozen, our service starts to work. Your cryptocurrency transfers to the trading pool, where our machine learning bots start to trade.

Our unique trading bots based on the latest AI technologies, are able to complete transactions and analyze the market in split seconds, due to hundreds of thousands machine learning hours behind their back. They are free from emotions, which means they never tend to act in panic making them a perfect tool for trading. Bots are fast enough to complete thousands of very small trading operations at once, which gives them an opportunity to make small but stable profit.

Safety of your savings

Unlike traders, our robots don't make any predictions, instead, they simply work with current market situation but they manage to do it extremely fast, providing thousands of trading operations per minute.

A well thought algorithm of actions and raw math calculations are the key to our success.

Security system

Most high-end security programming is already here

Traffic encryption All our traffic goes through the SSL-connection of the highest AES-256 grade. Same is used by the biggest world's banks.
Storing and management Most of the funds are stored in special offline wallets with multi-subscription access system. All operations between accounts are double encrypted. Military-grade cryptographic protection.
2FA code Important actions require two codes: in-app Google Authenticator code and another code, which is sent to your e-mail. You control every operation.

Why people choose visionwallet®?

Easy to use Purchase cryptocurrency just like you buy cookies in the regular shop. Numerous payment options: Qiwi, Yandex.Money, VISA, Mastercard and more. Deposit starts from 10$.
24/7 support If you have any questions, our operators are always ready to give you a quick answer via support-chat on our website, or you can simply find some useful information on the Wiki page.
Deposit insurance Visionwallet® is officially a partner of Swiss Crypto Vault. Deposit insurance is provided by our second partner - BitGo, a SEC accredited insurance company. Deposits of our clients are covered by the 10 000 000$ insurance
Legal status The company is licensed in two jurisdictions. We have a number of partners on the territory of EU. Due to this fact, your personal account information is stored strictly according to the GDPR standards.
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