Bonus program

Get a free invitation link during registration and earn effortlessly through the referral program from the actions of invited users.

Tariffs and program details

Get 1-5% from referral deposits

You can make money by advising Visionwallet to your friends. As soon as a person signs up for your link, he automatically becomes your referral. We have a two-level affiliate system, that is, from each referral you will receive 5% for all his deposits for life, and if your friend invited someone else, you will receive an additional 1% of his or her deposits.

Visionwallet referral bonus program for earning on the Internet

Increase referral payments

Visionwallet’s improved revenue and easy earnings online

After you gain more than $ 2000 in your referral system, you will receive an increased percentage on all payments for life! Thus, referral bonuses of direct referrals will amount to 7%, and an additional 2% of their referrals. Bonus is activated automatically.

Track your income

In your Visionwallet Account you can watch the turnover of all referrals separately from each level and the total income from the bonus program. And also find out how many people have registered using your link and how much you earn per day.

Keep track of passive income online, start with VisionWallet

Bounty program

bounty-program and free fast earnings Visionwallet

Get cash bonuses in your account for completing simple and quick tasks. The bounty-reward system allows you to replenish your balance on Visionwallet for free in a matter of minutes! Money received for completing simple tasks can be deposited or withdrawn from the system.

Earn with Visionwallet

Everyone can use the invitation link and start their passive income on deposits and deposits of other users.
It is forbidden to register accounts under your referral system, if such accounts are found, all of them will be banned, and the money will be frozen!

Do not put off your passive income for tomorrow
Create visionwallet® account

Create a Visionwallet wallet right now, it will not take more than a minute. Share the invitation link and start earning! And also follow the courses, easily buy and receive a percentage for storing funds in a convenient office and open deposits at favorable rates.