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Increase the body of all deposits!

04.12.2020 14:15

48 854

Only the next 7 days (starting today) Visionwallet offers investors to increase the body of all arbitration deposits free of charge by 10%! 

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Where did the payment methods go?

21.11.2020 15:00

43 986

Friends, many of you have already noticed that the replenishment options in recent days are slightly "thinned". This is due to the fact that we focus on optimizing the deposit process. We are integrating new code and new security algorithms into the payment gateway. 

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Bitcoin rate exceeded $18 thousand.

18.11.2020 14:00

48 279

Bitcoin rate exceeded $18 thousand. This was the first time since December 2017 🌙

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Does the referral system have pitfalls?

15.11.2020 14:00

43 747

Do I need to have active deposits to earn on referral program? 💼 It is no secret that promises that are too "sweet" often have significant pitfalls

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Bitcoin can grow by 10 times!

13.11.2020 12:00

44 171

Despite the fact that the crypt currency has been corrected and is currently traded at around $15400, analyst Josh Ranger suggested that the asset may soon take off even further.

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How easy it is to invest with Visionwallet

11.11.2020 18:00

39 974

Just want to remind you how easy it is to invest with Visionwallet. 🙌 Instructions for the platform:

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Added Ripple support!

09.11.2020 12:00

44 564

We also added RIPPLE support, right after the TRON! Right now - in all Visionwallet wallets! 🎉

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Added TRON support!

07.11.2020 14:00

43 240

Multicurrency purse Visionwallet supplemented TRON! 👑

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I want to start investing. But I am afraid of risks.

05.11.2020 12:00

42 611

If you are not yet ready for long-term investment in Visionwallet, we have a special tariff for you - "MoneyBox".

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Withdrawing USD has become easier!

02.11.2020 12:00

39 889

We are pleased to announce a small update of the output system in USD. You now have the opportunity to withdraw very small amounts. 

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Can I promote Visionwallet and generate income? 📣

27.10.2020 12:00

40 889

You can get income from the referral system by telling about our project and sharing the referral link with your subscribers. And for more comfortable promotion, we have added a section with Visionwallet banners, where you can get a discount for banner integration on the site, or just download a banner in GIF format:


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Visionwallet is gaining popularity on monitoring!

26.10.2020 14:15

41 960

The list of monitors trusting us has been expanded to include three other major "players":

💎 HYIPlogs:


💎 InvestorsStartPage:


💎 Instant-Monitor:


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Fresh bounty-task!

23.10.2020 12:00

40 743

Now there is another cool opportunity to spend a few minutes and get a nice cash reward. You just need to write a couple of warm words about Visionwallet on Trustpilot platform!

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Visionwallet on investment monitorings!

21.10.2020 18:00

42 370

We are happy to announce that reviews of the Visionwallet platform appeared today on two sites at once:

⚡️ Profit-Hunters: [].


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Visionwallet's Reputation

17.10.2020 12:00

37 814

There are thousands of people writing about Visionwallet. You can read their opinions on a variety of platforms, and even on our website.

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