Officially registered

To create firm and trustworthy relationships with our clients we officially registered Visionwallet as a proper company in Canada and Russia.

Official documents

We always use result based approach for our clients. So we decided to prove it at the legislative level by providing official license documents.

Your funds are insured

We collaborate with web security and insurance companies to make sure your funds are safe from any unauthorized access. With Visionwallet, investing is safer.

Visionwallet® is officially a partner of Swiss Crypto Vault - a technology provider for the hyper secure storage of crypto assets.
Deposit insurance is provided by our second partner - BitGo, a SEC accredited insurance company. Deposits of our clients are covered by the 10 000 000$ insurance.

GDPR compliance

We have a number of partners on the territory of EU. Due to this fact, your personal account information is stored strictly according to the GDPR standards.

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