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Visionwallet – is an innovative platform where you can buy, exchange and store cryptocurrencies. A perfect set of tools for your profitable deposits.

Our mission


Our mission - is to create perfect tools for investment, that would allow any person to feel numerous opportunities of today's digital era: 0 transaction cost, non-inflationary, military type security and privacy systems with fast and permanent transactions.



Despite the fact of significant growth, cryptocurrency prices are volatile. It repels many potential investors, preventing crypto industry from fast potential development.

Therefore, we had an ambitious goal — to help people in crypto depositing while making it as safe as possible.


That's how we created Visionwallet® — a cryptocurrency wallet, which allows people to gain profit despite the conditions of the world's trading market. A genuinely simple deposits with stable income. How do we earn money?

Smart deposits require smart technologies
Innovative AI algorithms provide your income More about technologies

Legal status

Our licences

In order to build firm and trusting financial relationships, Visionwallet LTD. was officially registered and today provides licensed financial activity on the territory of Great Britain and Russia.

GDPR compliance

We have a number of partners on the territory of EU. Due to this fact, your personal account information is stored strictly according to the GDPR standards.


Visionwallet® is officially a partner of Swiss Crypto Vault - a technology provider for the hyper secure storage of crypto assets.
Deposit insurance is provided by our second partner - BitGo, a SEC accredited insurance company. Deposits of our clients are covered by the 10 000 000$ insurance.

Why do you choose Visionwallet®?

Easy to use and simple to understand Purchase cryptocurrency just like you buy cookies in the regular shop. Numerous payment options: Qiwi, Yandex.Money, VISA, Mastercard and more. 24 hours withdrawal. Minimal deposit starts from 10$.
24/7 support If you have any questions, you can always contact our support chat or try to find an answer in F.A.Q. on our Wiki page.
Military grade data security All our traffic goes through the SSL-connection of the highest AES-256 grade. Same is used by the biggest world's banks.
No human factor influence All key operations are automated. Safety and stability are provided by the innovative financial algorithms, completed by the means of AI and machine learning technologies.
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1000+ Daily operations
325 $ Current average size
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26125$ Total user earnings
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